Dalia Assem, Oreed

is the founder and director of the “Organization for Egyptian Empowerment and Development” (OREED) which is dedicated to the spread of Citizenship Education in Egypt since 2011, conducted a lot of trainings and programs for citizenship education and civic education in universities, schools, worker and different clientiles. She has a ten years experience in the field of research in national and international level and she published a lot of articles in International journals in the filed of citizenship education .

Academic background

She graduated from the faculty of economics and political science 2005 and finished her master degree in political science in 2012. She got her Phd in Political Science from Cairo University and Justus Liebig University in Germany. She specializes in Citizenship Education in Europe and Africa. She studied statistics at University College London (UCL) and became a certified trainer from the twining project in Austria and Germany.




We’re a diverse group of young Egyptian professionals who believe in the importance of spreading awareness about the fundamentals of Citizenship. After the 25th of January Revolution, many organizations, movements and groups were formed to tackle different political aspects, but OREED was founded on the basis that Citizenship education concepts and implementation would be the driver of foundational change and reform in Egypt.

Accordingly on the 25th of February 2011, OREED was created as a volunteer network – an NGO under establishment – aiming to empower youth to become active informed citizens. OREED is currently an incubated project in “Nahdet El Mahrousa” one of Egypt’s leading social enterprise incubators.


To be nationally and internationally recognized as pioneers in defining active citizenship and instilling its values in society


To play a key role in the holistic development of Egypt through empowering Egyptian youth to become active citizens who recognize their rights and responsibilities


  • Sustainable • Entrepreneurial
  • Passionate Objective & Neutral



من نحن؟

مجموعة من المواطنين المصريين ذوي الخبرات والخلفيات التعليمية المختلفة مؤمنون بأهمية التوعية بالمفهوم الشامل للمواطنة انطلاقا من رغبة صادقه لإحداث تغيير ملموس في المجتمع المصري


أن نعيش في وطن يتمتع فيه كل مواطن بالوعي الكامل بحقوقه وواجباته

وسبل المشاركة الإيجابية في صنع مستقبل بلاده

أهدافنا الرئيسة

نشر الوعي و إتاحة المعارف الأساسية الخاصة بالمفهوم الشامل للمواطنة-

تعزيز المسئولية الاجتماعية وإكساب المواطنين مهارات المشاركة الفاعلة-

تطوير قدرات المواطن على الإدراك والمطالبة بحقوقه التي يكفلها له القانون في ضوء التزامه بمسؤوليته تجاه المجتمع والوطن-