Benedikt Widmaier, Haus am Maiberg

was born in 1958, he is a political scientist, director of academy for political and social education of diocese of Mainz “Haus am Maiberg”, working in citizenship education and in international youth work since 1977, teacher in several German Universities (Heidelberg, Darmstadt, Gießen), lectures on questions of democracy, citizenship education and active citizenship e.g. in South Korea, Poland, Bulgaria, member of the national board of DVPB (German Association for Citizenship Education) and the national board of Bundesausschuss Politische Bildung (bap), jury of “Joseph-Schmitt-Preis für Internationale Jugendarbeit”, an award for scientific works on international youth work, member in the editorial board of “Journal für Politische Bildung” (ed. by bap) and in the editorial board of the book-series “Non-formale Politische Bildung” (Wochenschau Verlag), Widmaier published about 100 essays and articles in journals and books in different languages and edited about ten books on citizenship education. 



Haus am Maiberg

Haus am Maiberg is a centre for non-formal political and social education in the diocese of Mainz, located in Heppenheim, Germany. The centre is host to seminars, trainings, conferences and other social events. The centre carries out around 90 national and international programs every year. Haus am Maiberg is highly regarded for its efficiency in youth work an adult education on regional, national and international level. Programs and activities are implemented by a team of personnel devoted to and experienced in non-formal education work with different target groups. We work with methods of non-formal education which place focus on the learner, emphasise autonomy in the learning process and promote collective reflection and interaction between participants. Non-formal education programs carried out by the centre aim to support active citizenship, deepen political awareness and strengthen individual capacities of decision making in connection to social and political issues.