CEC III: 2018 Casablanca, Morocco

The NACE team hold the third edition of the CEC by the end of 2018 (03-07 December) in Casablanca, Morocco. The conference gathered 200 participants from the MENA region, Europe and other regions in order to ensure geographical diversity involving various backgrounds (Civil society, Academia, Media, Corporate institutions and Governmental bodies).
The conference was preceded by a stakeholder meeting from 3 to 5 December that gathered Civic Education key stakeholders (experts and practitioners) who developed the previous recommendations in order to draft the key milestones of a common road map, along with informal parallel sessions about different national experiences. Adopting a functional approach in the different sessions contributed in building on the CEC I & II recommendations and most importantly in strengthening the cooperation between the potential Civic Education actors. Civic Education was the main conference topic that was treated from different functional angles: Institutionalization, content, advocacy and communication.