The Civic Education Community are all the players and stakeholders that work in the sphere of Civic Education whether they are academics, activists, NGOs, INGOs, initiatives, projects, programs, donors, trainers, multipliers who work with or are interested in Civic Education in the Arab world.

The NACE network itself is structured into two main bodies:


is the highest governing body that consists of institutional representatives and individuals from the CE Community.


is a group of elected members from the GA that is responsible for designing and implementing the annual strategic work plan, the network’s budget, as well as the oversight of the secretariat. The elected members are the following:

  • Ali, Moez: Tunisia
  • American University Cairo (AUC)/Mamdouh, Pakiname: Egypt
  • Corbel, Nelly: France
  • Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI)/Fouda, Youssra: Egypt
  • Erle, Jakon: Denmark
  • Fathallah, Insaf: Tunisia
  • Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)/Grüne, Petra: Germany
  • Goethe Institut Cairo/ Kellerhals, Robine: Egypt
  • Haddara, Ziad: Lebanon
  • Kamal, Mohsen: Egypt
  • Khazene, Abdallah: Algeria
  • Mohamed, Elhossien: Egypt