From Focus Group to the Network: Story of EENCE – a new publication relates the results of EENCE’s work in the last years.

To strengthen and professionalizing citizenship education in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia, the NECE focus group “Citizenship Education in Eastern Europe” was initiated as a part of the NECE network in 2015. Meanwhile, a vital network with large multiplier effects, constant contact, and transnational project ideas could develop. A new publication assembles articles from the members of the network about the present situation in the countries of the Eastern Partnership and information about the projects and experiences of the network members. The first meeting has taken place in Berlin in November 2015. At the beginning of October 2016, the focus group members met again and discussed their next steps. 

“I’m active in the field of non-formal education and youth work, for the last two years also involved in civic initiatives aimed to reform legislative basis for youth policy, youth work and civil education in Ukraine. Such meetings give new inspiration and ideas for future work. It’s also a good chance to meet the people of same way of thinking, to share experiences and to stay in communication for the future, to contribute with personal experience and to get new energy for self-development. It’s important to be connected within the network of the people of same values.”

Yaryna Borenko, Center for social innovations, UKRAINE