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EUROCLIO 25th Annual Conference

Marseille, France
21-26 April 2018

EUROCLIO – European Association of History Educators was delighted and honored to organize the 25th Annual Conference and Professional Development and Training Course from 21-26 April 2018. The conference was hosted and co-organised by EUROCLIO’s co-founding member organisation from France, the Association des Professeurs d’Histoire et de Géographie (APHG). The conference took place in Marseille, France’s door to the Mediterranean horizon.
To understand the current challenges around the Mediterranean, history, heritage, and citizenship education has a key role to play. That is precisely the reason why EUROCLIO and APHG have decided to choose “Mediterranean Dialogues: Teaching History beyond our Horizons” as the theme for its 25th Annual Conference.

Different NACE members attended the 25th Euroclio Conference in Marseille. The conference was an interesting opportunity to explore the lines of intersection between history teaching and civic education. It also offered a networking opportunity for the different members to get in touch with similar organizations across the Atlantic, as well as different Arab organizations participating. Topics of teaching controversial issues as controversial, empathy as a tool of teaching, and also how civil wars are taught in schools were the highlight of the controversial issues discussed. 

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