NACE Database
The current version of the NACE Database connects the Country Profiles, a collection of background information like the brief history of citizenship education and the definition of local civic education.
The NACE Database offers an overview about organizations related to civic education in 10 different countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Lebanon, Morocco and Algeria.

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About NACE

NACE provides spaces for exchanges on knowledge and tools in order to advocate Civic Education in the Arab Region. By inspiring and engaging a variety of stakeholders to actively participate in constant renewals of the social contract, NACE places the responsibility on itself to contribute to cohesion and communality on local, national and international levels.
توفر الشبكة العربية للتعليم المدني مساحات للتبادل حول المعرفة والأدوات من أجل مناصرة التعليم المدني في المنطقة العربية. من خلال إلهام وتشجيع مجموعة متنوعة من أصحاب المصلحة للمشاركة بنشاط في التجديد المستمر للعقد الاجتماعي ، تضع الشبكة العربية للتعليم المدني على عاتقها مسئولية المساهمة في التماسك والتواصل على المستوى المحلي والوطني والدولي.
Civic Education Conferences (CEC)
The first Civic Education Conference (CEC) took place in 2013 in Alexandria, Egypt. Over 200 participants from a variety of fields and countries joined in a discussion to draft 60 recommendations providing a basis for a road map to develop the sector.
The second CEC convened in May 2016 in Tunisia. One of the repeated recommendations from the participants was the urgent need for an umbrella network and for CEC to continue.
The NACE team hold the third edition of the CEC by the end of 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco. The conference gathered 200 participants from the MENA region, Europe and other regions in order to ensure geographical diversity involving various backgrounds (Civil society, Academia, Media, Corporate institutions and Governmental bodies).
Publication & Material
In this spot you will get an overview about the publications and the material which is inspired by NACE and its partners.
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