During the third CEC III in Casablanca in December 2018 NACE together with our cooperation partner SimSim from Morocco the preliminary version of the NACE Database has launched. The current version of the NACE Database connects the Country Profiles, a collection of background information like the brief history of citizenship education and the definition of local civic education with the regional research, realized by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative (DEDI) from 2012 to 2017.
The NACE Database offers an overview of organizations related to civic education in 10 different countries such as Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Palestine, Libya, Sudan, UAE, Lebanon, Morocco, and Algeria. Since NACE sees itself as a growing and learning network, there is also the opportunity to register, organizations that are not listed in the research and now want to become part of the NACE Database can register here. Within the second phase of the NACE Database, it will also be possible to add new countries, so please register, even if your country is not listed yet. Every new registration will be added to the NACE Database after successful verification.
In order to establish the NACE Database as a tool for civic education in the region, a Needs Assessment is also planned. In addition to the current version of the NACE Database, we want to ensure that stakeholders and individual experts also become part of our NACE Database within the second phase of the NACE Database.