Rana Gaber, a passionate dialogue facilitator and practitioner, currently managing the Ambassadors for Dialogue Egypt program, working in Egypt under the umbrella of DEDI. I have accumulated more than 10 years of work experience within the field of youth development and civic education. I am also a masters degree holder within the field of comparative middle east politics and society and a researcher in the political science department at the American University in Cairo (AUC). 


رنا جابر, ميسرة حوار ومديرة مشروع سفراء الحوار في مصر, المشروع في مصر محتضن من جهة المعهد الدنماركي المصري للحوار. أعمل في مجال تنمية الشباب والتعليم المدني منذ ١٠ أعوام. حاصلة على ماجيستير في العلوم السياسية من الجامعة الأمريكية بالقاهرة.



Ambassadors for Dialogue 

The program is a partnership between the Danish Youth Council (DUF), the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI), and WE Center in Jordan. The vision of the program is: Promoting peaceful coexistence through means of dialogue.

What we do is that we inspire, motivate and enable youth from Denmark and the Arab world to:

  • Redefine their views of themselves, the ‘other’ and the world

  • Practice dialogue more – and be more dialogical – in their daily lives

  • Engage themselves in dialogue with other youth

  • Engage other youth in dialogue with each other

  • Practice, integrate and promote dialogical tools, methodologies, approaches and values in their organizations, communities and societies

  • Inspire other youth to practice dialogue more – and be more dialogical – in their daily lives.


مشروع سفراء الحوار هو شراكة بين مجلس الشباب الدنماركي, المعهد الدنماركي المصري للحوار, و مركز الشرق والغرب. يهدف المشروع بالأساس الى تعزيز التعايش السلمي عن طريق الحوار.