holds a Ph.D. from Lancaster University (U.K.) in the field of International Politics with special reference to the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. He is the head of the Department of International Relations of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, the coordinator of the Greek National Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation and co-founder of Fotoessa, a centre for Education, research and action. By default, he is also an active member of EUNIC, at the corporate level and at the cluster level (of Athens). He has also taught Middle East Politics at the International Centre for Hellenic and Mediterranean Studies, and frequently publishes on issues related to Middle East politics and civil society in the Mediterranean region, whereas he is also a certified trainer of the Creative Entrepreneurship Program.


FOTOESSA is a center for education, research and action, operating in Greece, an interdisciplinary and intercultural initiative aiming to bridge the gap between academic research and  Civil Society activism, encourage understanding among people with different cultures, and promote participation by young people in political and social process. Our aim is to make a positive impact on society, both individually and collectively, whereas our values, which govern every activity we embark on, include integrity, solidarity, respect for diversity, creativity, innovation, but also accountability, discretion, science, and therefore solvency, and dialogue and cooperation as a modus of operation, intercultural dialogue as well one between public and private domain. The main action areas include democratic governance, human and civil rights, social and creative entrepreneurship and economy, sustainable development, international relations and politics, civic engagement and education (yet one for global citizens), whereas our activities include research programs and publications, training, seminars, symposia and lectures, youth mobility programs, capacity and skills building.